VoIP Phone Services

As many businesses move to the cloud, they are choosing VoIP as an online phone service that replaces traditional land lines. Since the service integrates phone and internet, it reduces or eliminates the need for hardware maintenance. It also cuts costs on long distance calls. Here are details on why VoIP is sweeping the nation, especially for medium to large companies.

The Growth of VoIP

voip2VoIP services are expected to become an $83 billion industry by 2020, up from $73 billion in 2015, according to a report by Infonetics Research. Here are some of the reasons this technology is surging in the business world. At the same time over 60% of the VoIP market in 2015 comprised residential customers.

  • migration to the cloud
  • popularity of mobile devices
  • development of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology
  • integration with private branch exchange (PBX)
  • mergers and acquisitions in the telecom industry

Cloud Explosion

The two primary ways to deliver VoIP are through Bring Your Own Bandwidth (BYOB) and a dedicated connection. While BYOB is more suitable for small businesses, dedicated connections are more reliable in terms of smooth audio delivery for medium to large companies with a large call volume.

One of the main attractions to the cloud is that diverse applications can be integrated into one platform, simplifying operations. Not only does it eliminate the need to keep investing in new hardware and equipment maintenance, it allows for remote access from any device.

voipDeciding Between BYOB and a Dedicated Connection

BYOB involves outsourcing to an ISP as well as a third party hosted PBX or VoIP service. A dedicated connection, however, integrates phone and internet into the same network, which many businesses find to be more efficient. A dedicated connection is higher quality and less likely to drop calls. The BYOB experience, unfortunately, can involve latency or scrambled audio due to voice packets being delivered out-of-order, which makes calls difficult to decipher.

Replacing the Fax Machine

Do you still use a physical fax machine? If so, consider VoIP services to replace it since fax machines waste paste and take too long to deliver messages. Fax machines may have been considered helpful to businesses in the 20th century, but not so much in the new millennium. VoIP speeds up the faxing process, which is still useful for sending important documents while eliminating the need to print out every message.

Online faxing through VoIP is much more efficient because you get electronic notifications in real time as incoming faxes arrive. Now you don’t have to waste time running to the fax room to check on new messages. Documents can be scanned and downloaded on a mobile device. VoIP faxing also integrates with software that allows for electronic signatures.


VoIP is more efficient than a landline or fax machine while combining these services and integrating with other forms of communication. A dedicated connection is ideal for companies with large client bases. Contact CWIMS.com to learn more about your VoIP options to enhance your business communications.