Just because your nonprofit organization isn’t focused on making money doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in IT solutions to streamline operations. The more skilled you are at appropriating your funds and ploughing back the organization’s earnings, the better you can be at furthering your cause. Most modern day non-business entities still need mainstream organization, management and marketing platforms any other business would need.

Before investing in IT, you should call in an expert for a survey and equipment quote. The kind of infrastructure you install must be related to what you do. The contractor will assess your organizational needs and give suggestions on:

  • The right bandwidth and internet service provider
  • The number of computers needed in your firms
  • A local server or cloud based solutions
  • The networking equipment needed to connect your computers and printers
  • Software installation and antivirus protection
  • Choosing a workflow management system
  • Website development

Does Your Organization Need All These?

Options presented for non-profit businessWith such a long list to consider, the biggest question on your mind would be; do we really need all these? Understanding the modern office and organization setting will help you embrace the importance of each IT solution suggested above.

An employee, general activity and accounting system is mandatory as the days of manual paper pushing are over. To implement this, you will need the internet, a local network, a server and most definitely a couple of computers. The computers must have an operating system, complementary software and an antivirus program.

A website, on the other hand, will help you open up a better communication portal. It will give you a way to attract the public or your target audience to scope your company, and if possible, let them participate through the website.

Why Hire Professionals?

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to handling a job that isn’t core to your daily operations without inflating your budget. With outsourcing, you are sure that you will be paying for services on demand and will not have to keep someone on a permanent payroll even when there is no work for them.

Computer Works Inc. (CWI) gives you the perfect blend of skill, shrewdness and reliability you need in procuring all that hardware and software. Our specialty in comprehensive IT support has made us the best networking, PC repair, web development and software package implementation expert in Monroe, Michigan and the surrounding regions.

Our highly experienced technicians will help analyze your needs, walk through the different solutions in the market and help choose the right piece for the puzzle at each juncture. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sends us to offer turnkey IT maintenance solutions with the intent of giving you, the client a comprehensive, headache-free package for your nonprofit organization.

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