Application Development / Management

Why Develop Custom Applications?

app-devCustom software development refers to the designing and management of applications for specific users within a company. The purpose of these applications is to present software which is capable of attending to more precise needs than traditional software, which has a general approach to need fulfillment.

The main benefit of using custom built applications is that they provide services that traditional software does not. Use of such types of software leads to increased productivity and more efficient use of the company’s time and resources.

ERP Development

Enterprise Resource Planning is a form of business process management software which is used to integrate the various applications used by a company for optimum efficiency. ERP operates at the human as well as machine level within a company and is thus an essential part of resource management.

Customizing ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) module Construction flow line art vector designFor most companies using ERP, the only option is to pick the ERP solution that best fits their needs and adapt their entire process to fit around the solution so that it can be used on multiple projects.

There is, however, another method that can be used, which is to customize your ERP solution to suit your specific processes and deliver data in a way that aids your company.

This form of customization is possible through the following method:

  1. Identify the specific needs of your business and what kind of custom service you require to assist in maintaining and running your company.
  2. Use the help of experts to pick an ERP software that most closely fits your needs, or can be easily customized to cater to your business and form a fitting part of your company applications.
  3. Get the expert professionals to apply custom fits to the software which will allow it to be used in a manner that proves useful for specific tasks  your company needs to execute.
  4. Test out the software to ensure the customization process occurred to your satisfaction. If not, further modifications will need to be added to the software to design a complete fit.

ERP Maintenance Phase

The ERP system will need regular maintenance in order to function well. The ERP plan will need to be updated regularly as per the evolving landscape of the company’s business model. Suggestions as to improving the framework in a fashion that is easier to work with should be incorporated, as well as ensuring the removal of potential bugs in the system.

Measuring ERP Performance

How do you know the customized ERP application is working to the best of its ability? Here are some ways to answer this question:

  1. Execute an appraisal halfway through the process of ERP implementation, with the next appraisal taking place as the project nears completion.
  1. Hold regular appraisals at intervals of 3 to 6 months after the system begins to function.
  1. Draw up a series of parameters for performance depending upon the needs of the company, and compare the actual results against the expected results.

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