Sporting Facilities

stadiumThe partnership between tech and sports doesn’t stop with fantasy football. In fact, the two are becoming increasingly intertwined. Sporting facilities rely more and more heavily on web presence and interactive wifi elements to amplify the gaming experience. Ensure your fans have the most memorable experience by utilizing professionals to help you share and protect your brand digitally.

Watching Sports Has Become Interactive

People watch sports with mobile device in hand. Whether it’s checking a player’s ERA or looking for the latest fantasy update, sports fans have come to expect an interactive experience. Providing this experience means providing wifi in your venue. Computer Works can help you create a system which will harness the bandwidth your fans need while also providing the security that’s vital for your day to day operations. We will work with you to determine a custom solution that fits both your budget and square footage. Experienced project managers can calculate the number of routers, connections, and computers you will need to run at full capacity and then make sure your system continues to run smoothly.

Sporting Experiences Don’t Stop at the Seats

cheering-fansYour facility is more than just seats. You’ll need to run scoreboards, network broadcasts, oversized video monitors, office desktops, and also vendors. These devices don’t just need to run, they need to be secure. Package programs are a great way to ensure network health. Update monitors will help defrag and keep computers running smoothly while timely software updates will protect against the latest threats and add the newest features to your system. Internet security programs help ensure connections stay up and guard against threats like viruses and identity theft.

Athletes Incorporate Tech Too

From wearables like the Fitbit to high-tech solutions like the Wattage Cottage Power Meters, athletes are boosting performance through networks. Training sessions and locker rooms are great places to employ this tech and test out new products, so it’s important to make sure your network is available wherever it’s needed. Adding options for athletic tech gear is also a great way to boost sponsorship opportunities and encourage vendors. Make sure you have reliable network connections and charging stations ready to make sure your athletes are able to function at their peak level of performance.

Software Integration

One of the most important things a sporting facility can do is to ensure the ease with which visitors can buy tickets. It’s vital that your fans are able to easily purchase entry to your facility. More and more people are buying online. We can create custom applications which will make transactions like these seamless and efficient.

For more ways sporting facilities can stay on top of the tech curve, consult the professionals at Computer Works online.