Email Setup & Support

In today’s modern business world, it is hard to imagine operating without email. The ability to quickly share information and communicate with coworkers and clients across the globe is an essential part of running a successful business. That is exactly why Computer Works Inc. provides the absolute best in both hosted and onsite email setup and support services. Our experts can create an email system that addresses your specific needs and offer continued support as your business evolves.

gmail-supportWhy Choose Onsite Email Services?

Using your own server means that you will have complete control over your email system without having to pay hosting fees. You can also easily upgrade servers if your business outgrows their capabilities or they simply become outdated. While this does require investing in both hardware and software, some businesses find it well worth the cost in order to maintain complete control over their information.

Why Choose Hosted Email Services?

The big advantage of going with hosted email services is that you don’t have to worry about troubleshooting technical problems, ensuring security or updating equipment. Instead, you can pay a monthly fee and your hosting service will take care of all these issues. The key is to choose a reputable hosting service that you trust to protect sensitive information.

Which Option is the Best Choice for My Business?

If you aren’t sure which option is best for your business, our experts can help you make the right decision. We will evaluate your needs, take your projected growth into account and offer our recommendations. Once you have made your final decision, we will help you setup and implement your email system.

Let Us Be Your IT Department

email-correspondenceA lot of small to medium size businesses simply aren’t yet in a position to hire a full-time IT department to help implement new solutions and troubleshoot problems. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy access to experience experts who are fluent in the latest technology, innovations and solutions. While we might not have an office in your building, you can still consider us a part of your team. You can rely on Computer Works Inc. to provide you with prompt service right when your business needs it most.

Email Setup and Support Services

Here are just a few of the email services we provide:

  • Install or upgrade in-house servers
  • Complete setup of your email system
  • Implement cutting-edge security features
  • Install anti-spam filters
  • Set up archiving features
  • Ensure adequate storage capabilities
  • Troubleshoot any problems

Get the expert help and tools you need to make sure that your business’s email system is not only running properly, but fully equipped to handle all your needs. When you partner with Computer Works Inc, you get to enjoy access to experienced professionals who can handle all your computer, technology and web development needs. Call today to learn more about our email setup and support services and see how we can transform your business so that you can spend more time focusing on profits and growth.