Engineering Firms

All engineering disciplines have a deep rooting in technology. From civil to mechanical to geotechnical engineers, all need some form of information technology infrastructure to function effectively. A geotechnical engineer will need a computer and simulation software to study and analyze rocks. Mechanical and civil engineers perform simulations on a virtual world before building physical prototypes. The need for IT in your engineering firm is double pronged. You will need it to manage your operations and create deliverables in an affordable way or promote brand awareness. Computer Works Inc. (CWI) can help.

IT and Production

young engineerFrom designing to record keeping and client correspondence, virtually all paperwork has gone electronic.If you have a good computer network, a robust intranet and most importantly a customized piece of software to manage different sides, your IT department will thrive.

With the core operations varying from one vertical to another, it would be wise to consult with an IT outsourcing firm before purchasing any software or hardware. Consulting will not only ensure that you get the kick for your buck but also prevent you from unknowingly investing in degraded software or hardware.

Computer Works Inc is dedicated to offering bespoke solutions to small, medium and developed businesses in Monroe, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. Our perfect understanding of the software and hardware developments in the market make us the right company to turn to when you seek to expand your IT infrastructure or roll out your first installations.

We will help you:

  • Choose, install and service your company network
  • Install the right operating system and software
  • Assist with procurement or development of a business management system to streamline your bookkeeping
  • Handle all PC repair and antivirus updates for a safer digital environment

IT and Brand Awareness

engineer with computerThe current shift from print advertising to digital media has pushed many businesses to procure a robust website that forms the basis of their online presence. An engineering firm should not be any different. A well-developed website offers astounding flexibility. A web page will always be up and running and potential customers can check out your services whenever they please.This is the first step to widening your marketing funnel and capturing more individual customers or businesses. Competitors to your business have most likely walked down this path. There is no reason not to have an amazing website that demands attention. This website should be an extension of your reputation and dedication to your work.

CWI has experienced web developers that are masters of user interface design as well as great system developers. We offer a comprehensive all-under-one-roof experience for web development and service. By working with CWI, you will be subscribing to the highest quality at affordable costs. Get in touch with our customer care desk today to begin discussing your engineering firm’s IT development. Your journey to greatness begins with a strategic CWI IT revamp. We are more than eager to help get you on your way!