Gyms / Fitness Facilities

At Computer Works (CWI), we provide a wealth of computer and web-based services that will benefit businesses both big and small throughout the Michigan and Ohio areas. In this day and age, every business uses computer or web-based technology in one form or another in order to run and maintain their business. For example, even gyms and fitness facilities can benefit from our services.

How Our Services Benefit Gyms and Fitness Facilities

The following are a few ways in which our services will benefit the operation of gyms and fitness facilities:

  • fitness centerApplication Development – Gyms rely on various degrees of automation to keep their clients satisfied and their business running effectively. One key factor that every gym must consider carefully is scheduling. The longer your week or month or year goes on the more complex your gym’s schedule (and the schedules of your employees) will get, with complications like bookings, personal training appointments, reservations and classes. We can work with you to create custom IT applications which can allow you to schedule and automate your gym with ease, allowing you to focus on what matters most: the needs of your clients.
  • Computer Network Maintenance and Repair Services – Most gyms and fitness facilities have a couple of computers at the very least to help take payments from members in person as well as to help signup new members. Member information, such as specific health goals and health issues, are also placed into the system so that instructors have instant access. We will make sure your network is running smoothly and can provide any computer repair services when needed. We also offer a number of managed service packages that include network monitoring, basic preventative maintenance, server application management and power management services.
  • Security Cameras – A huge part of running any gym or fitness facility effectively is ensuring the health and wellbeing of your visitors. It can be difficult to monitor all of the areas of a large gym at once without a dedicated system of security cameras. Our cameras are high definition and ethernet based, allowing you the ability to view your entire facility with a clarity and efficiency you’ll be able to depend on.
  • Data Migration – A typical gym or fitness facility often relies on a number of databases or forms to function smoothly, be they lists of subscriber information, employee records or guest logins, to name just a few examples. Should you lose this data your gym could be thrown into disarray. With our data migration services we can move your data, without losing or damaging it in the least, from one system to another. We can even transfer data between different formats, meaning that we can update it and move it to another platform efficiency while still being able to guarantee its accuracy.

These are just a few of the services that we offer at CWI that can greatly benefit gyms and fitness facilities. Contact us at CWI today for additional information about our services.