Gas Stations / Convenience Stores

convenience storeGas stations and convenience stores are set up to fulfill the needs of incredibly diverse groups of people. From a hot taquito to a pack of diapers or some brake fluid for your car – these stores need to have everything ready within moments. Behind the scenes of this convenience can be a surprising amount of tech too. Gas pumps, registers, and security and some of the primary concerns for your local corner store, and ensuring these items keep working properly is of the utmost importance.

Stations’ Components Communicate Over Networks

When a customer slides their credit card and selects their gasoline, this triggers alerts inside the store to turn the pump on and process the payment. This communication happens over a network. If the network fails then the whole system could get shut down. Ensure the health of your network with proper hardware and software maintenance by licensed professionals. From properly connected hardware to defragmented drives and software updates, professionals like those at Computer Works help create custom maintenance plans to keep your facility running smoothly.

Prevent Identity Theft at the Point of Sale

And it’s not just whether your network is functioning, but how it works that matters too. With card use overtaking cash, customers are regularly swiping to pay for their purchases both inside and outside the store. Protect your network from identity thieves and hackers with the latest encryption and security. Online monitoring services can quickly alert you to any unusual activity within your network and keep your virus definitions up to date. In addition to monitoring your external transactions, most store computers have access to payroll and scheduling too. Keep employee and store data secure through proper network and computer help.

Physical Security Matters Too

Security doesn’t just stop at credit cards. Most convenience stores operate with extended hours and sometimes even 24-hours. This can make these locations targets for people looking for some quick cash or an off-hours beer. Video surveillance and silent alarms are vital to ensuring employee safety. Regular inspections of video monitoring equipment can help keep your store and employees secure. These video devices can stream media and some can save data to the cloud. Alarms travel across the network to alert authorities if anything happens.

Professional network experts like those at Computer Works have experience integrating all of your software and hardware to keep your network running smoothly at any time of day. Our team can help you run your gas station or convenience store efficiently and keep your customers happy.