When thinking of restaurants, the first word that comes to mind is usually food. However, there are many other pieces occurring behind the scenes that come together to make a culinary experience great. From staff to facilities, restaurants have to coordinate many moving pieces. That includes technology too – as restaurants must also manage ordering, inventory, and payroll.

Point of Sale and Network Management

posMost efficient systems incorporate a Point of sale System (POS) that manages orders from the servers and relays these same orders to the kitchen. Using a series of networked computers, these POS systems form the communication core that creates the dining experience. Ensuring network health is of the utmost importance. Managers need to be sure both screens and ticket printers stay connected at all times. To avoid frozen operation, proper maintenance and monitoring must be of importance. In addition, power saving options can be added that establish on, off, and sleep settings for different devices.

Office Work Including Inventory and Payroll

Restaurant tech isn’t located only in the dining room and the kitchen, but also in the office. Restaurant managers use office computers to manage inventory and ordering, payroll, and scheduling. A large majority of this data is confidential, and also requires high levels of accuracy. Ensure the health of your computer through professional maintenance and regular software updates. Safe cloud storage to back up this information while still maintaining security helps management focus on day to day tasks instead of stressing about social security numbers.

Credit, Debit, and Sales Security

People pay with plastic. While there are a few cash only holdouts left, debit and credit are the more common methods of payment for goods and services. Servers often run credit cards for bills in the middle of a busy dining room, creating a need for both on and offscreen security.

Unfortunately, identity theft has a long history at restaurant locations. Much of this problem is created by hackers gaining easy access to restaurant sales systems. Check with professionals to find a security package that fits your needs, providing visual security when ringing up transactions and also network security when transmitting these numbers.

As restaurants rely more and more heavily on software, hardware, and network security – maintaining and protecting these systems increases in importance too. Experts like those at Computer Works Inc. can help fix current issues and identify potential hazards you may face in the future. Much like restaurants themselves, network security is available for different tastes, offering selective services to meet your palate. Let Computer Works Inc. assist in determining precisely what IT services your restaurant will require.