Car Dealerships

car-dealershipA car dealership is a true hub of activity. There are emails to respond to, inquiry calls to answer, demonstrations to schedule and, most importantly, sales to manage. If you run or intend to run a sizable dealership, you will be hard-pressed to operate effectively without a dedicated IT infrastructure and management system.

Selecting a dealership management system might be easy. Creating a solid IT infrastructure to back it up is the challenge. Luckily, Computer Works Inc. (CWI) is Monroe’s largest locally owned IT company.  We are dedicated to helping businesses deploy solid IT infrastructure to support their operational expansions and make record keeping a breeze.

Why IT Solutions?

Most car dealerships are experiencing an increased volume of operation. The modern day’s sales market is not only expanding but also opening up new payment channels, as well as customer interaction platforms that weren’t known of in the recent past decade. Your dealership needs the power to adapt and leverage to these new options to their advantage, creating a key to success. 

Your car dealership will need:

  • A robust intranet for in-house monitoring and communication
  • A system of computers to run all the necessary software and hardware nodes
  • A handful of cameras and sensors for security purposes
  • Internet connection for electronic correspondence, payment processing, and information sharing
  • A solid employee and inventory management system
  • A customer and sales management system

Getting Your Needs Right

While these are the basics your car dealership needs, operational specifics and personal preferences will always play a role in the final decision. CWI is dedicated to helping you get all the tiny elements of the deployment right.

Many ideas should be taken into consideration when choosing an internet connection. Speed, router connections, and a number of devices should all contribute to your final selection.

An expert should handle these tiny details to create the ideal network for your company in the shortest time possible. Setting up your own IT department may sound lucrative, but it can be an unwise decision that should be pushed to the professionals trained in such duties, preventing mistakes and faults along the way.

Many companies and businesses are finding solace in outsourcing services that are out of their expertise’s reach. Letting CWI handle all your IT needs, from procurement suggestions to installation and maintenance, will leave you free to handle all your business specific logistics.

IT solutions fuel modern day businesses. Avoiding the existing customer management, payment systems, and inventory handling systems will not only make your business harder to run but also push your loyal customers away. Get started on your path to success with a partner you can trust. Get in touch today! Let’s begin your journey to sustainable technology adoption into your business model!