Why Your Business Needs a VPN Tunnel













When a business experiences enough success to expand, it is time to create a VPN tunnel. It will be essential to create a private data network between the different satellite offices being set up. VPN tunneling is the technology your business needs, so team members in all locations can securely access your central network.

What is a VPN Tunnel?

A VPN tunnel is the idea of tunneling based on virtual private network technology. Tunneling is established and maintained with a logical network connection. Tunneling is a link or direct shortcut through the internet. This ‘link’ or ‘tunnel’ allows your branch office in one location to connect to your server at another location within your central office.

The information accessed from one office to another office is not something you will want others outside of your business to be able to view. This sensitive information is what the VPN tunnel will protect for your business.

Why Your Business Needs a VPN Tunnel

Your business has reached its level of success by all team members working together. Lines of communication between members are essential to continue that growth and must be through secure lines. Whether the team splits between working at home, stationed at a satellite office, or traveling for business needs, everyone needs to communicate without putting confidential data at risk. A VPN tunnel creates a secure connection for you and all your team members.

Offices in Different Locations

A VPN tunnel is a convenient and affordable connection between offices in different places from your company’s main branch. Each of your locations would have their own network, and through the VPN, there would be a secure line of communication enabling employees to share and discuss relevant data regarding your business safely.

Remote users can connect to an ISP with their local phone number and then ‘tunnel’ securely to your office network. This ‘tunneling’ will eliminate your need for leasing a separate line or the need for call-trafficking equipment. There will no longer be a need for you to have an 800 number, or for you to pay toll calls. This requirement will not be necessary as national or global ISPs have local numbers for almost anywhere in the world.

Cybercrime Prevention

Businesses have to take cybercrime seriously. In 2016 it became apparent how many and how easy, sensitive data breaches occur. A reliable tunnel ensures your online activity is secure by implementing security protocols. VPNs keep financial records safe as well as information related to how you communicate and who you communicate with. It is surprising how many snoopers and hackers are interested in learning about you and your customer’s information.

Protect Data During Business Trips

Often it’s necessary for employees and yourself to travel for business-related ventures. You need to ensure that while traveling everyone’s able to access your private network safely. A VPN tunnel will allow that connection and protect your data as you or your employees conduct business away from the office. Having a business in other countries, a VPN will allow you to access restricted websites, make safe VoIP calls, and access all online information you commonly look at in your home office.

Help Understanding IT and Security

We have an extensive range of IT services to help businesses understand network solutions and find them the best way to stay ahead of the market safely and securely. We have years of experience helping companies utilize the latest technology and have excellent problem-solving solutions to address individual customers. Our IT experts make understanding network solutions easy and help businesses find secure and safe communications.