Here at CWI (Computer Works) we provide a variety of computer and IT services to businesses and residents alike from Detroit, MI all the way down to Toledo, OH. We have over 15 years of experience within the industry and have maintained a level of quality and success due to our ability to keep up with advancing technologies. Our services, which include cloud services, managed IT support and network management – just to name a few, benefit almost every type of business, including businesses in the manufacturing sector.

How We Can Help Manufacturing Businesses

The following are just some of the ways that our services can benefit your manufacturing business:

  • manufacturing carsManaged IT Support – The average manufacturing business uses many IT applications to keep its operations running smoothly. Though every industry, and every company within it, relies on a different degree of automation the usage of pre-programmed applications to improve productivity and efficiency is becoming more and more widespread. We can manage and improve the health of your IT infrastructure, ensuring that your company is able to continue running smoothly, and we can alert you to problems before they occur
  • Cloud Connection – With our cloud connection service we will connect your network to an online database where it can be stored. This allows you to save all of your manufacturing data and information to the cloud. Doing this has numerous benefits. First of all, the cloud is incredibly secure and allows you to backup all of your company’s sensitive data, whether it’s product plans and designs or production costs and budgets. Saving this type of information on-site can be risky – especially if something happens to your network that causes you to lose all of your data. Secondly, you’ll be able to access your information from anywhere – even when on your home computer or smartphone. Last but not least, it eliminates your need for on-site storage space, which can greatly reduce overhead costs.
  • Network Management – Maintaining your computer network can be a challenging task. But if anything goes wrong with it, it can severely hamper your ability to do your typical day-to-day business. Not to mention that if your system shuts down for some reason, you may have trouble getting it back up unless you have a dedicated in-house IT team. At CWI, we offer several different network management service packages in which we will monitor your system to identify potential issues, perform basic preventative maintenance and preventative optimization, manage your network drive, manage your server application and more.

If you run a manufacturing business of any kind, then as you can see, you could greatly benefit from the services that we provide. For more in-depth information on how we can benefit your manufacturing business, contact us at CWI today.