Managed Cloud Services

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Cloud computing is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of their database resources for many companies. But with the rise of digital technology, the management practices of cloud systems have also grown more complex. Your company needs someone who will be responsible for managing the cloud and keeping it running smoothly.

The Two Approaches to Cloud Management

Companies deal with this reality in two ways:

  1. They either decide to do everything themselves. This means hiring and training one or multiple individuals in cloud handling and upkeep. This is a long, expensive process which could mean having to mediate between several professionals. For instance, one would be in charge of multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, a second would take care of single tenant servers, while a third looks after support issues.
  2. The other option is to hire a trusted partner to manage all or most of your cloud.

Utilizing Managed Cloud Services

The second option leads to what is known as a managed cloud service. With this option, company owners have the ability to tap into all the services that a cloud can provide for their business without having to become experts themselves in the field of cloud computing technology.

Advantages Offered

There are many reasons why many companies are choosing to opt for managed cloud services:

  1. It is the quicker, less complex approach to cloud management since you simply offload your cloud maintenance responsibilities to a trusted third party.
  2. The services are consistently available through the use of multiple servers, storage area network as well as storage protection for guarding against a failover.
  3. Companies receive guidance and advice about how to design their cloud architecture for the most efficient design.
  4. In the case of something going wrong with the cloud, alarms are sounded which alert the experts that there is a problem with the cloud, and they spring into action to address the problem and resolve the issue.
  5. The cloud is regularly tested and fine-tuned by a third party in order to ensure that it is working properly and fulfilling all the functions it was designed for.
  6. Company employees are provided with training and advice on how to use the cloud in a safe and efficient manner by the third party experts.
  7. It is a cost effective package once you take into account all the services offered, including security and the availability of a dedicated private cloud service which takes care of server glitches and downtime without taking up the business company’s valuable time.

cloud-data-centerThe Final Word

With the multitude of advantages offered, it depends on you to make the final call and opt for a managed cloud service. There are a few things to keep in mind once you are ready to take this step. Make sure you fully understand your company’s cloud-based needs and ensure that the cloud company whose services you employ is trustworthy, with a good track record of providing solid value to previous employers.