Point of Sale (POS) software keeps inventory manageable and updated with today’s new technology. The modern day business world is dependant upon changing times, the latest gear, and ease of access. Computer Works Inc. is aware of these needs, and will create a luxury experience for management and staff when enduring changes in systems.

You Need to Streamline Your Inventory

Security camerasInventory management software keeps a tighter leash on your retail store’s stock. No items can leave the store without being deducted from the inventory. The most common way to implement this is by using barcodes: a barcode scanner at the point of sale.

While some will shrug this off as a cumbersome process, such a system gives you better insight of your inventory; sales and those items needing restocking. You will always know when to restock and will have data to feed into other budgeting and profit calculating systems.

Simpler inventory, better bookkeeping, as well as transparency in profit calculation. These factors all give better insight into your monthly performance whilst giving you actionable data on what needs be done to improve on your conversions.

What Does Your Retail Store Need

manager-worker-in-warehouseSetting up your retail store is simple and straightforward. Stores will need:

  • Reliable computers
  • A robust network
  • Barcode scanners
  • An anti theft system
  • Surveillance cameras
  • A PoS system
  • An inventory management system

Since some of the software can double up as the other, it is always a good idea to let one contractor handle all procurement and installation. A comprehensive PoS system, for instance, could incorporate an inventory management category and sometimes an anti theft feature. Consulting with a professional before making any purchase will guarantee you the best match for your type of business and scale of operation.

Apart from the initial installation, you may need constant repairs, maintenance and upgrades on your system. These changes could be software based or mechanical. It is recommended to work with a locally based IT firm to ensure that you can always raise them for help on a short notice.

Computer Works Inc. (CWI) offers a wide range of computer networking, software installment and computer repair problems. We’ve been in the business for years now, accruing all the necessary market experience needed to offer you seamless solutions when you need them. We are based in Monroe, Michigan but cover most of the surrounding areas, from downriver Detroit to Toledo, Ohio.

Contact us today for a consultation. We would love to help you identify your needs as a retail shop owner as well as give the right options that will help you take your business to higher levels. We focus on using IT to improve customer experience and business success. We can help you turn your dream to reality.