The Top 10 Myths About IT

Top 10 Myths about ITThe field of IT is rapidly expanding, and along with it more and more related myths are springing up. Rapid advancements are made in the IT world almost constantly, and as such, it can be challenging to keep pace with. Therefore it’s easy to see how some misconceptions could arise. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common IT myths and shed light on the truth.

1. Wireless Connections are Always Slower than Wired Connections

Plugging an ethernet cord into a computer does not always mean that it will provide a better connection than a wireless router. In general, wired Internet connections do not perform better or faster than wireless ones. The truth is that 4G wireless connections are often faster than wired connections.

2. Computers Always Run Faster When Apps are Closed

Closing apps will not always improve computer processing speed. Just because apps are listed on a task list, does not mean they are actually running. Furthermore, the presence of apps on a computer hard drive does not mean they are always running.

3. Mobile Devices are Less Secure than Traditional Computers

There are all sorts of managed mobility solutions available to secure mobile devices. DailyFinance has reported that it is actually safer to perform online banking from a smartphone than a traditional computer. Part of this heightened safety is due to the fact that people typically have their smartphones on them at all times, so they are immediately notified of banking account alerts indicating fraud.

4. DNS Bears no Importance for Virtualized Infrastructures

The truth is that neglecting the DNS component of virtualization has the potential to produce plenty of problems. DNS is used regularly with Hyper-V and vSphere components. If IP-centered storage is being used, such as NFS, then DNS names will be in use.

5. The Cloud is no Different From Virtualization

The cloud offers services from the web rather than a computer’s local drive. In contrast, making use of a virtualization tool does not mean that the cloud is in use.

6. Sustainability is Egregiously Expensive

Implementing IT sustainability measures does not always necessitate the purchase of new equipment. IT sustainability often hinges on implementing the proper strategy.

7. Big Data is an All-Encompassing Solution

Big Data is not any sort of overarching cure for all IT challenges. In the end, Big Data must be paired with well-thought out actions. Data certainly provides plenty of answers, yet the individual(s) tapping into that data and the data’s context are also critically important.

8. A Single Backup Will Suffice

Too many small business owners and managers believe one data backup is enough. Redundancy beyond a single external hard drive is necessary for every business.

9. All Security Vulnerabilities are Bad

Though software bugs are bad, some vulnerabilities will exist when an organization is well-connected, open, and accepting of change. As an example, arming employees with mobile devices creates a vulnerability that is offset with improved efficiency.

10. Information Security is Strictly Limited to Software

Information security reaches beyond software bugs and viruses. It also includes other factors like natural disasters that damage data centers, employees who misplace mobile devices, and mistakes that lead to computer viruses that compromise security.  

As time progresses, and the average person becomes more familiar with IT, fewer myths will prevail. You can do your part by sharing this article with colleagues, friends, and others who are interested in computers or tech in general. If you have any related questions, be sure to contact Computer Works today.