The Top 10 Game Changers We See in IT for 2017

As 2017 grows nearer, many new innovations are taking place in the world of IT. Let’s look at 10 game changers in the IT field that are going to take IT 2017the industry to a whole new level:




1. Open Source Philosophy

With fewer innovations being seen in the world of computer hardware, a new movement is gaining strength. Open source philosophy is based around the idea of designing an open system of software and hardware where the design is shared between vendors. This will allow users to tailor the system to their own needs, and allow everyone to profit.

2. Automation

Get ready to see automated machines that are smarter than ever. Scientists endeavor to create machines which are capable of learning, evolving, and responding to users on an individual basis. This makes them far more useful for a wide range of companies and jobs. 

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

The “internet of things” concept is going to continue evolving until it encompasses every machine. As long as there’s a network connection, every machine within a factory ,from the hydraulic pumps to the garage door, will answer to a central AI. However, the idea of the IoT goes far beyond manufacturing. Companies in any field and users at home will be able to benefit from these inter-connected networks.

4. Software Defined Everything (SDE)

Software Defined Everything is here to make IT infrastructure more agile and flexible. Every element of data management is offered as a separate, individually programmable service. This allows administrators to tailor their infrastructure to suit their needs. Creating IT systems are a universal need for companies. Being personal is also a goal that can have a huge impact on companies.

5. Mobiles are Taking Over

Computers have seen stiff competition from smart devices for some time now, and these smaller devices are going to come into their own in the next year. Certain industries may encourage mobile use at work, and the viability of this platform will only improve with time. 

6. Intelligent Apps

We already have virtual assistants which can help us carry out a huge range of tasks, but all of our other apps are about to become smarter as well. AI is looking to transform the way you interact with your favorite apps by gathering and analyzing your user history in order to present you with easier navigation and better results than ever.

7. AR 

Augmented reality has seemed like a distant daydream for so long that people do not realize how close it is to becoming a common reality. Prepare for truly immersive AR blending of the virtual and real world. It is ultimately going to change the way we interact with technology. AR has already been implemented into gaming, but it’s primed and ready to become a huge part of how we conduct business as well. 

8. Digital Twin

A digital version of the real world and everything in it, digital twins, are going to be used to conduct simulations and testing on an unprecedented level. This will allow us to avoid many potential problems and make our companies far more efficient than ever before. 

9. Better Conversations

Improved communications systems are on their way. These programs adapt to their user’s speech patterns instead of the other way round. This leads to far more effective machine-interface communication.

10. Adaptive Security

Digital security is going to go from a one-size-fits-all approach to a fluid and adaptive architecture. This will allow security programs to address specific digital threats by making use of multilayered protocols and entity behavior analytics.  

With all these technologies coming to fruition, it only remains to be seen which of the latest innovations fizzle out in time, and which of them go the extra distance to truly transform the world of information technology. If you have any questions about the most fascinating topics in the world of IT, then be sure to contact Computer Works.