The Changing Landscape of Email



Email has been a staple of the business world since the dawn of the internet, and it is now entrenched in the world of marketing. While email marketing today may seem passé in light of messaging apps, social media platforms, and other methods of communication available, it’s still a critical tool for business strategies and can be a sound investment.

You’re likely familiar with the utility of email and its place in the marketing world by now. It’s important to realize how valuable email remains, despite all the alternative methods for reaching customers. Follow these guidelines to learn how email is changing and how you can leverage it as a powerful marketing asset.

Email Isn’t Going Anywhere

Despite all the changes in the business, communication, and technology realms, email is a mainstay for enterprise communication. This applies to internal correspondence as well as communicating with business partners and customers. Although modern professionals and companies have a plethora of options, email is reliable, accessible, and tremendously cost-effective.

Email Marketing Has Amazing ROI

Part of the reason email has had such amazing staying power in marketing is because it provides one of the best returns on investment of any digital marketing. Almost every adult has at least one email account he or she checks regularly, so failing to capitalize on this level of reach would be foolish.

There are countless guides and analyses of email marketing trends, and while old tactics may not produce the same results they once did, this does not mean email marketing has lost its value. In fact, the opposite is true. Marketing professionals are learning how to leverage email marketing in new ways to create more engaging, memorable interactions with consumers.

In order to capitalize on the potentially tremendous ROI of email marketing, marketers need to know their target consumers and develop email content that will spark their interest and motivate engagement.

Developing a Mobile-First Mentality

One of the ways marketers can drive engagement with their target consumer bases is by developing content for the small screen. Mobile devices are more prolific than ever, and the momentum doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Email marketing developed with mobile devices in mind is going to be more engaging, more user-friendly, and will capture more potential interest.

Personalized Messages

One of the ways marketers can leverage email effectively is by personalizing content. While it may be impossible to customize emails for every single email address in a company’s mailing list, segmenting email lists is a great way to deliver powerful marketing. Dividing your mailing lists into well-defined categories is an efficient way to get more people interested in what you have to offer.

Interactive content is another great way to generate interest from your mailing list. Video content, storytelling, and more human update emails let your customers know you want to keep them in the loop about your industry and your company.

For example, you may develop lists for dedicated clients that make frequent purchases, one-time buyers who may or may not be interested in another purchase, leads who haven’t yet taken the plunge, and cold leads that may have only recently become aware of your brand. By creating content specifically aimed at these segments, your email marketing is bound to be far more effective and will result in more conversions.

Behavioral Analytics

Most enterprise-level email marketing campaigns happen in a series of stages. One model is the “drip campaign,” wherein a customer’s past actions dictate what type of email they receive next. This requires a sophisticated level of email automation, so it’s important to consider this when developing a drip campaign or something similar. With the right automation system and careful attention to detail, leveraging customer behavior can be a powerful asset.

Email is projected to be popular in 2017 and beyond, so keep these ideas in mind when you assess your own email marketing platform. Think about how you can leverage customer data and past actions, interactive and personalized content, and carefully structured mailing lists for the greatest impact. Schedule a consultation with our team to assess the performance of your system.