How to Think Like a Tech Consultant


Tech consultants are some of the most important people in modern business. Leveraging data as a business asset requires a thorough understanding of the technology behind it, making tech consultants a key part of many organizations’ strategic decision-making processes.

Most tech consultants have some characteristics that a non-consultant could benefit from adopting. It’s important to understand how such consultants think if you want to start making more informed, data-driven decisions for your enterprise.

Tech Consultants Play the Long Game

A good tech consultant knows how important it is to think about the long-term effects of any decision he or she makes. Business is fast-paced, and priorities often shift dramatically in a very short time, so it’s important to account for as many eventualities as possible. Making reactionary decisions could cripple your competitive edge in the future, so it’s crucial to weigh the possibilities before making any major decision.

Tech consultants also play an important role in developing business strategies; you should consider business needs far into the future whenever you consider strategy. Addressing a problem you have today is not a solution if it will create bigger problems in another year. Always consider a decision’s impact beyond its immediate results.

Constantly Educate Yourself

Technology is constantly evolving, and tech consultants need to stay up to date on the latest innovations and trends, so their organizations can stay competitive. Many operational decisions impact more than one aspect of a business, and it’s vital to gather as much information as possible. Staying in touch with the recent news and developments in the tech world is one of the best ways to do this.

Solve Problems – Not Just Symptoms

Businesses bring in most tech consultants to address specific issues they’re already having. However, the best tech consultants don’t settle for immediate, easy results. They investigate issues in depth. Tech consultants won’t just look for a way to solve a problem today – they will find out how to prevent the problem from happening again or morphing into a different problem in the future.

Business relies on so many interconnected systems that a hiccup in one area can be catastrophic for another. Tech consultants consider all the variables when addressing issues to help them develop holistic, long-term solutions.

Collaborate and Work as a Team

Businesses often hire tech consultants to participate in strategic decision-making as well as solving problems. Part of the reason they are so valuable is that they know how to view problems from other perspectives. This professional empathy helps solve problems and develop comprehensive solutions, and it is necessary for effective collaboration.

Define Goals

Project management can be stressful. A project’s scope can unexpectedly grow in light of new developments or previously unknown information. This is “scope creep,” and tech consultants are key players in preventing it.

A tech consultant needs to know how the scope of a strategic decision or a particular project is going to impact the organization and how that scope may change over time. When you adopt a forward-thinking mindset, you can help prevent scope creep and manage your projects more effectively and have fewer surprises.

Use Quantitative Reasoning

Good tech consultants don’t just develop proper solutions out of thin air. They use quantitative reasoning, which is the process of using numbers and figures to support decisions and strategies. Gaining a thorough understanding of your company’s internal metrics along with industry statistics will provide a cohesive approach to business planning.

Remember – tech consultants help solve problems. Keep these tips in mind to start thinking more critically about your organization’s future.